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European Citizenships 

Offers a wide choice of Real Estate for the Citizenship and Residency Programmes as well as Direct Investment

The Most Stunning Real Estate For:

Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship and 2nd Passports by Investment Opportunites

Reisdency by Investment

Secure Residency in 2nd Country & Flexibility of Travel

Real Estate Investment

Top Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the Best Locations

A Service That You Can Trust
Our Real Estate Investment Options 


Cyprus Permmanent Residency Programme​


European Citizenship Programme​


Caribbean Citizenship Programmes







Global Citizenships & Residency Programmes Offer Freedom, Security & Mobility

Global passports and European Residencies are now a way of life and a mindset offering you the freedom, security and mobility to travel the world, to live and invest in multiple jurisdictions, to experience a variety of cultures and afford wider opportunities for yourself and your family.

We provide individuals and families with an extensive range of real estate investment opportunities to meet the qualifying criteria for the most popular European Permanent Residency Programme, European Union Citizenship and the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programmes. 

Our Most Popular Programmes

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