The Crossroads of Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia

Cyprus has historically been an important hub at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia and the variety of influences have made Cyprus diverse and culturally rich. Cyprus has an approximate population of 1.1 million population and every year, millions of tourists are attracted by its breathing-taking landscapes and fascinating Mediterranean culture. With a well-developed infrastructure, low crime rate, low language barrier, Cyprus has become one of the most popular countries for overseas investors to build a holiday home or to settle in. Cyprus is also a full member of the European Union and the Common wealth. 

The economy has rapidly recovered from its recent recession and has also benefited from a significant serge in foreign investments. Following the discovery of €100 billion worth of natural gas, Cyprus is predicted to become one of the richest countries in Europe over the next decade! Investors and progressive business minds recognise that Cyprus is currently one of the best places to invest!


EU Citizenship & 2nd Passport Programme

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program was established in 2014 and has proven to be one of the most popular routes to FULL EU Citizenship and 2nd Passports. The Fast Track option is also the quickest in the market taking just 6-8 months for approval.


The Cyprus Citizenship is a FULL EU Citizenship, providing a gateway into Europe enabling you and your family the freedom, mobility and security of living, working and studying anywhere in the European Union. 


Cyprus is also recoginsed as the most efficient on-shore European tax hub and can be an essential component of your wealth management and asset protection strategy, offering priceless value for financial and personal security.  








  • Full Citizenship and 2nd Passports in Just 6-8 months 

  • Includes 3 Generations - Investor, Spouse, Children & Parents (If they also purchase a home)

  • Enables You and Your Family to Live, Work or Study Anywhere in the European Union

  • Travel Visa-Free to Over 170 countries

  • Tax Efficient Hub with no Taxation on Your Personal income Provided You Stay Less Than 183 Days Each Year 

  • Improve Your Family’s Future Security and Protect Your Legacy

  • International World-Class Destination and the Gateway to Europe, Middle East & Africa

  • €2m investment in Cyprus Real Estate

  • €200k investment in government development funds

  • Clean Criminal Record 

  • No Residency Requirements Before or After Approval 

  • No Language Requirements

  • No Interviews








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