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European Residency Permits

Owning a European Residency Permit can unlock all sorts of doors and opportunities beyond your country of residence. Do you dream of living in a peaceful Mediterranean location providing a secure and safe  environment for your family? 


Perhaps you are simply looking for a better quality of life and are frustrated with the limitations, freedom of movement, taxation and challenges that you currently experience. A European Residency Permit enables you and your family to live a relaxed, stress-free Mediterranean lifestyle with a low crime rate.

European Residency Permits are especially popular with investors not wishing to emigrate and move their family but require flexibility should the need ever reside. They often come with accompanying travel freedom across the EU Schengen zone.


The most popular programmes also provide you with the opportunity, over time to upgrade to full European Citizenship and Passports with the freedom and mobility to live and work anywhere in the European Union.

Our Most Popular European Residency Programmes
A selection of our European Residency investments

Cyprus Investments

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Portugal Investments

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