Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme

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Cyprus has historically been an important hub at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia and the variety of influences have made Cyprus diverse and culturally rich. Every year, millions of tourists are attracted by its breathing-taking landscapes and fascinating Mediterranean culture.


With a well-developed infrastructure, low crime rate and low language barrier, Cyprus has become one of the most popular destinations for investing in the Citizenship and Residency Programmes.

Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme

The Fast Track Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme is the only programme available that gives you a lifetime European Residency status. It is also one of the most cost effective and fastest taking just 8 weeks for approval. It is therefore not surprising that is one of the most popular options in available in Europe providing you and your family with a simple and easy way to obtain residency with a €300,000 investment in real estate. 


The Cyprus Permanent Residency offering is designed for individuals and families who are from outside the EU and would like to obtain a Cyprus Residency through real estate investment. Once they have successfully obtained Cyprus residency they are free to live in Cyprus and travel in Europe with a visa. 












From €300,000

plus fees 


Three generations of family qualify


Cyprus Permanent Residency in just 8  weeks 


Citizenship available after 7 years

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Investment in Real Estate 

Cyprus Real Estate  Options

Examples of our real estate options for the Cyprus Permanent Residency  Programme

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