Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Programme

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Join Celebrities and Royalty on this Exclusive Destination 

With stunning white sandy beaches and clear blue azure seas it is no wonder that Antigua is such a firm favourite with celebrities, politicians and royalty. 


It is a member state of the British Commonwealth and with its all year round tropical climate, fast growing, friendly international population and large natural harbours, Antigua has become one of the most welcoming and desirable places to live and visit.


Antigua offers an attractive tax regime with no inheritance tax, no capital gains and no tax on income generated outside of the country.

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Programme

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program was established in 2013 and is today recognized as one of the best citizenship programs in the world. A passport of Antigua & Barbuda can be an essential component of your wealth management and asset protection strategy, offering priceless value for financial and personal security and also the immediate rewards that have brought the world’s elite to the island for generations.

From $400,000 or  2 people each Investing $200,000

Whole Family Qualify

Citizenship Available in 3 to 4 months

Investment in Real Estate 

Visa free travel to 134 countries

Antigua & Barbuda Real Estate  Options

Examples of our real estate projects for the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme

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