Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme




The Fast Track Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme is the only offering available that gives you a lifetime European Residency status. It is also one of the most cost effective and fastest taking just 8 weeks for approval. It is therefore not surprising that is the most popular option in available in Europe providing you and your family with a simple and easy way to obtain residency with a €300,000 investment in real estate. 


Our Cyprus Permanent Residency Offering is designed for individuals and families who are from outside the EU and would like to obtain a Cyprus Residency through real estate investment. Once they have successfully obtained Cyprus residency they are free to live in Cyprus and travel in Europe with a visa. 

We provide a VIP Fast Track service so that you can obtain your residency in just 8 weeks and our dedicated team will assist you throughout the process  to make the experience as stress free as possible

  • Lifetime Permanent Residency in Just 8 weeks 

  • Includes 3 Generations - Investor, Spouse, Children & Parents 

  • Enables You and Your Family to Live in a Stress Free Relaxed Mediterranean Environment 

  • The Most Tax Efficient European On Shore Tax Jurisdiction  

  • International World-Class Destination and the Gateway to Europe, Middle East & Africa

  • Easier Travel Throughout Europe with a Visa

  • $300,000 investment in a New Cyprus Home

  • Clean Criminal Record 

  • Secured minimum income of €30,000 plus €5,000 for each dependent 

  • Deposit €30,000 in a Cypriot bank for a 3 year period

  • Health Insurance

  • Only have to Visit Once Every Two Years to Maintain Residency Status

  • No Language Requirements

  • No Interviews








The Value to You


  • For many the Permanent Residency provides the security, freedom and peace of mind of living in a safe and peaceful environment away from the daily threat that they have been exposed too for many years

  • For others the Cyprus Permanent Residency (PR) provides them with a peace of mind knowing that they have a safe exit route and somewhere to live as and when such an eventuality arises

  • A better quality of life for your family.  Living in a European, relaxed, stress-free Mediterranean lifestyle with a low crime rate has a significant appeal.

  • Enables entrepreneurial successful businessmen to set up a new business in Europe providing them with the opportunity to fulfill their business ambitions and goals

  • Many successful rich individual and families currently suffer from considerable taxation penalties. The appeal of living in a country with an attractive and low tax regime is considerable

  • The PR programmes provides you with all the benefits of living in Europe and a route to full EU Citizenship over time

  • The Cyprus Residence Permit is Permanent from day one with no need for future reconsideration. It is a lifetime permit for you and your family

  • Unlike most other European Residency Programmes your children maintain their Permanent Residency status even when the reach they exceed the dependency age limit of 18



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