Real Estate for 2nd Passports
Real Estate for 2nd Passports

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2nd Passport Real Estate Investment
2nd Passport Real Estate Investment

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2nd Passport Investment
2nd Passport Investment

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Real Estate for 2nd Passports
Real Estate for 2nd Passports

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International Real Estate Investment Choices

European Citizenships is an international Real Estate Company providing exclusive investment opportunities in Cyprus, Portugal & the Caribbean for direct investment and  the most popular Residency and 2nd Passport by Investment Programmes 


Global Citizenships & Residency Programmes Offer Freedom, Security & Mobility 

Global passports and European Residencies are now a way of life and a mindset offering you the freedom, security and mobility to travel the world, to live and invest in multiple jurisdictions, to experience a variety of cultures and afford wider opportunities for yourself and your family.


For many individuals the safety and security of their family and global assets is deemed as vital and one of the best investments they can make, particularly if it is accompanied by a very sound financial return. 


We provide private clients with an extensive range of real estate investment opportunities to meet the qualifying criteria for the most popular European Permanent Residency Programme, European Union Citizenship and the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programmes. 


Real Estate Options for the Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme

The fast track Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme is the only offering available that gives you a lifetime European Residency status. It is also one of the most cost effective and fastest taking just 8 weeks for approval. It is therefore not surprising that is the most popular option in available in Europe providing you and your family with a simple and easy way to obtain residency with a €300,000 investment in real estate. 


We can provide you with a good selection of highly desirable luxury homes and investments that are designed specifically to meet the qualification requirements of the Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme.


Our Permanent Residency Real Estate Packages


Real Estate Investment Opportunities for EU 2nd Passport Programmes

There is a large demand for European Union 2nd Passports and Citizenship due to the many benefits that these prestige passports offer.  They are targeted at ultra-wealthy individuals and families who would like to obtain a 2nd Passport and FULL European Union Citizenship in just 6 months, providing them with the freedom, security and mobility to live, work or study anywhere in the 28 European Union member countries and travel to 170 countries. The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme is by far the most popular due to speed, simplicity and level of investment.  


As an International Real Estate Company we can provide an extensive range of Real Estate investment projects that meet the qualification criteria of both the Cyprus (EU) Citizenship by Investment Programme and the Cyprus Permanent Residency Programmes.


Our European Passport Real Estate Packages


Real Estate for the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programmes

The Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programmes offers incredible value for personal security and freedom. Our Caribbean Citizenship programmes offer a fast, easy and cost effective route to 2nd passports and as such they have opened  up the Global Citizenship & 2nd passport possibility to a much wider audience. We provide exclusive real estate projects for 2nd passport qualification in Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis and Dominica.


Further Information on the Caribbean Citizenship programme and Real Estate options






A Service That You Can Trust
Cyprus EU passport

We offer our private clients a service that they can trust. We are an independent company that provides an unbiased and unique service to our international investor's providing them with a broad range of Real Estate Investment choices.


We provide a selection of Real Estate projects for both pure investment and the 2nd Passport investment programmes. Our projects are selected for their location, quality, design and potential of high returns on investment.

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